or how twelve bunnies in the hutch flew the coop

8.5″ x 384″ Continues Archival Print

The Attic Incident

The baby was kept in the attic, and the hired man was paid extra to put on a bunny suit to go up there and deal with him.  At some point early on the suit fell victim to an accident which burned the tips of the ears off, so a crown was made to distract the child with. There was also a doll dressed in a bunny suit made up to look just the same. Time passed and was marked off on the inside back of the cradle.

Hanging from the ceiling was a dome shaped light fixture that echoed the teenage boy’s whispers back into his own ears. Under his wheels was a red carpet that could be rolled back and forth on. One day that boy removed three of the floor boards so that on the hired man’s next visit he would fall through into the room below. The otherwise hilarious scene of a man’s bunny-suited legs dangling from a hole in the bathroom ceiling was sort of ruined when his head caught in the joists and his neck was broken.

Despite everything, time still passed and in his dreams he always failed. There was the dream that he was in the hull of a ship upside down in the water, or that he had grown wheels and a little fluffy tail. The best dream was that he would take six steps and float away.

The one window that overlooked the suburban neighbourhood was open and on a perfect day each step brought an underwater-like buoyancy that propelled him into the air.  His shoes dropped back onto the roof – full of feathers.

Like a feather slipping down into the yard, into the twilight. A grown man dug a deep hole wearing a trilby hat, suit and tie.  When the pick axe pierced the buried cable the charge that flowed into him made it’s own way out. As he sank to the ground he noticed the sun set through the hole in his own foot.